Rob has written two books about the metaphysical and spiritual nature of existence, God Laughs at Dirty Jokes (2014) and Life is Magic, Part One (2023).  They are weird, funny, deep, dreamy, silly, challenging, potentially mind-altering, and unflinchingly sincere. Heart on sleeve in a universe of meaning.         

Too much for some and just right for those meant to read them.  Whether you feel they are brilliant or nonsensical,  there are no books like them. Unless perhaps if Kurt Vonnegut had found the creator behind the veil while pondering the seeming randomness of life (which is not actually random). Or if David Sedaris spun his bizarre familial dramas into a wider narrative exploring the origin of existence. Or if Neil DeGrasse Tyson realized that life is magic because the paradoxical nature of existence can never be resolved (the chicken and egg between a creator / god and our universe is unanswerable), but since there either is or isn't a creator to set all in motion, the answer to existence is inherently supernatural.        

LIFE IS MAGIC, Part One: Listen to The Universe