LIFE IS MAGIC, Part One: Listen to The Universe (2023)       

The universe is a living, breathing contradiction because the existence of an eternal creator who always Is, Was, and Will Be is impossible – a paradox – just as the idea that the universe burst into existence all on its own, with no agent to set it in motion, is impossible. Therefore, life is inherently contradictory and absurd, and already supernatural. In short, Life Is Magic. LIM is a twist in the spiritual genre, because it’s as well-written, grounded, and funny as popular secular humorists like David Sedaris and Kurt Vonnegut, but makes a comprehensible, convincing case for a hidden layer of existence and an afterlife -- operating at a higher vibration -- that we can access by raising our own vibration through positivity, love, courage, generosity, and joy, which are the essence of (a non-denominational) “god.” Whew! LIM will be a comfort to those who’ve lost loved ones, to know that no one we have cared for is truly gone, for nothing is ever really over. It’s cycles of living and dying, with souls evolving towards love. Rob Falgiano grew up in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY, USA in the freewheeling 1970s and ‘80s and went from punk rocker/atheist to believer, crossing a transitional bridge from “everyday life” to a strong awareness of the spiritual. He’s buoyed by his brother Steve, a reluctant medium, and mother Carol, whose critical role as caretaker appears fated. The book also speaks to those interested in quantum physics and how technology and science are beginning to confirm ideas that were once confined purely to mysticism and religious belief. Math and magic are not only not in conflict, but are one, as manifest in god’s creation. (320 pages.)      

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